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EDPENERGIASustainable Development Principles

The EDP Group mainly operates in a sector that is fundamental for social and economic development: the energy sector.

The mission of the company is based on three core areas: value creation for the shareholder, customer oriented and a focus on the human potential of the company in order to be the most competitive and efficient gas and electricity operation in mainland Spain and Portugal.

In order to achieve this objective, EDP operates according to the principles of transparency, respecting the environment and compliance of the highest ethics and honesty standards. The Group has there established its Sustainable Development Principlesa set of eight principles to underpin the search for a balance between the environmental, social and economic activities.

EDP has thus assumed the following values and principles of action:

  • Actively contribute to protecting the environment and biodiversity, along with fostering environmental management best practices in the value chain. Thus, in 2012, the MaPA - Environmental Best Practices Manual application was implemented in order to share and disseminate, within and outside the EDP Group, measures at our facilities that highlight the commitment of everyone to sustainability. The manual is accessible both to employees and to outside workers: www.mapaedp.com/.
  • Comply with the applicable regulations and legislation, by ensuring an inclusive, competent and participatory government of the businesses
    EDP in Spain has implemented Management Systems that are audited annually, both to ensure the provision of our services pursuant to the expectations of our customers (ISO 9001. Quality) environmental protection and prevention of contamination (ISO 14.001. Environment), along with the management of the preventative performance (OSHAS 18.001, Health and Safety).).
  • Ongoing value creation by means of providing our Customers with outstanding services of excellence, by integrating social and environmental aspects in the strategy and decision-taking, and driving skills developments among the workers and associates, by recognising excellence and merit
    By means of the continuous improvement Lean Programme implemented in EDP since 2006, the employees identify, analyse and implement initiatives for the continuous improvement both of our processes and of the services that we offer to our customers, by addressing safety and environmental aspects in an integrated way. .
  • Promote innovation and creativity
    EDP has established different strategic lines aimed at the search for new market opportunities and to improve our processes, as well as to foster research and technology development and the management of knowledge, in the field of energy.
  • Guarantee transparency and dialogue with all the interested parties
    EDP fosters communication and consultation channels with the interested parties, by reporting transparently and objectively our social, environmental and economic performance. With that aim, EDP publishes the Sustainability Report of the group annually.

Those principles are formalised through the Policies set by each of the Boards of Directors of the different companies of the Group.

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