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EDPVisit booking form

The EDP Visit Programme is mainly for compulsory secondary, vocational training, upper secondary and university students; as well as for groups from collectives, institutions, neighbourhood and other associations that want to learn about the EDP production centres and contact us either by:

Phoning 902 830 100 Extension 51173

Filling in the following form:

The fields with an asterisk (*) are compulsory.

Protection of Personal Data

1.- Gathering and processing personal data

The gathering and processing of personal data contained in the application form is aimed at processing your request for visit to a generation of EDP, along with compliance of the legal requirements.

Pursuant to the Spanish Personal Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, and its enactment legislation, the applicant/interested party/customer is hereby notified that the data provided in the form, along with the data obtained as a result of the subsequent managing of the service and product contracts shall be processed by HIDROELECTRICA DEL CANTABRICO, S.A, as the file manager.

The data requested in the forms on the EDP website are compulsory, except when indicated to the contrary and the applicant/interested party/customer hereby authorises their processing for the indicated purposes.

Under no circumstances may the personal details of third parties be included in the form, unless the applicant has been so authorised beforehand pursuant to the terms set out in Article 5.4 of the Personal Data Protection Act. The applicant shall be solely liable for breach of this obligation and any other regarding personal data.

2.- Rights to access, amend, cancel and oppose

The applicant/interested party/customer may exercise their rights to access, amend, cancel and oppose, pursuant to current legislation, by duly notifying EDP in writing, to the following address: Departamento Seguridad de la Información, Plaza de la Gesta, Nº 2, 33007 Oviedo. You may likewise exercise those rights by sending an email with your personal details to cclopd@edpenergia.es. You should attach a photocopy of the ID card of the data subject. You many likewise exercise those rights through the Customer Area of the www.edpenergia.es website.

3.- Information and commercial campaigns

The applicant/interested party/customer hereby agrees to their data being processed and communicated to companies wholly or partially owned by the EDP Group for information and commercial campaigns of products and services related to the supply or consumption of electricity and/or gas, with complementary inspection and /or technical assistance services and/or promotional contests and/or quality surveys. These campaigns may be conducted using electronic media. For the above purposes, your data may be communicated to the EDP Group companies.

4.- Use of cookies

EDP may use cookies in order to ensure more flexible and efficient management of the services provided.

Cookies are a user authentication method that enables the identifier assigned at the time of the applicant/interested party/customer registering to be saved, which avoids your having to re-register when visiting the website again.

The applicant/interested party/customer can configure the browser of their computer to notify cookie access and, where applicable, to prevent their being saved on the hard disk.